Our policies

Our Confidential Policy

The Tutor and the Agent must at all times be aware of the importance of maintaining confidentiality of information gained by them during the course of their duties.

All information must be treated in a discreet and confidential manner.

Written records, computer records and correspondence pertaining to any aspect of the Agent's activities must be kept securely at all times. Tutor has an obligation to ensure that computer systems which are being used are protected from inappropriate access and ensure that any personal access codes are kept secure.

Tutor's may not, without the prior written consent of the Agent, permit any confidential information:

  • To be disclosed, whether directly or indirectly, to any third party, except to those authorised by the Agent or as required by law; or
  • To be copied or reproduced in any form or to be commercially exploited in any way; or
  • To be used for the Tutor's own purposes or purposes other than those of the Agent

Data Protection Policy

This Policy sets out a code of practice for Tutors who are involved in the sharing and recording of information. Good practice includes, but is not limited to, compliance with the requirements of the Data Protection Act 1998.

The purpose of this Policy is to help ensure that the sharing of relevant information is done safely, ethically and lawfully.

Any information sharing must be strictly necessary for De Silva Tutors Limited and Tutors to carry out their legitimate and lawful functions. Any information shared must be relevant and not excessive.


It is necessary for De Silva Tutors Limited to share information in order to :

  • Match Tutors with potential Clients
  • Provide Tutors with information on potential Clients, and then once they have accepted a tuition service, pass on relevant personal details

De Silva Tutors Ltd and the Tutor must always take care to ensure that any information divulged and shared is strictly necessary and shared only with those who need to know. Great care must be taken not to divulge confidential information to any unauthorised third party.

The sharing of the Client's name and address must be minimised.

If De Silva Tutors Limited wishes to share data concerning the Tutor or the Client for any purpose other than that of tuition services, written consent must be obtained before disclosure.

Information must not be shared if it is not necessary to do so.

Information that De Silva Tutors Limited and Tutors may need to share:

Personal details of the Client such as their name, contact number, address, email address

Information that is relevant to the tuition services

Personal details about Tutors relevant to their work as Tutors, such as their qualifications and experience

There may be occasions where it will be necessary to share information in the case of medical emergencies, criminal activities, suspected criminal activities or of suspected danger to a Client.

The quality of the information, before it is shared, will be checked to ensure that, to the best of the knowledge of Desilva Tutors Limited or the Tutor, it is accurate and up to date.

Retention of Shared Information:

We are legally required to keep the data obtained for at least five years after the most recent transaction. When the five years’ retention period is over, we will remove your data from our system.

In situations where you give us specific consent to process certain kinds of data, you are able to withdraw that consent at any time. We will then stop processing your data and, if the five years’ retention period does not apply, we will also erase your data from our system.